Bed Frame Vocabulary

Bed Frame

A “bed frame” fully supports your mattress and box spring. You will not need a headboard or footboard, though you can usually attach a headboard, if you want. Generally, you cannot attach a footboard to a bed frame. We sell a huge variety of metal bed frames.

Bed Rails

The phrase “bed rails” refers to the side rails of your bed. Bed rails are either metal (steel angle-iron) or wood. Bed rails require a headboard and footboard to support your mattress and box spring. We sell angle-iron bed rails.

Bolt-On Bed Rails or Bed Frames

The phrase “bolt-on” refers to the manner in which the bed rails or bed frame attaches to your headboard or your headboard and footboard. Bolt-on bed rails and frames attach using long bolts or screws through metal plates.

Bolt-On Headboard and Footboard

A “bolt-on” headboard or footboard attaches to the side rails via long bolts or screws.

Clamp-Style Assembly

Clamp-style assembly means that C-Clamps are used to secure the cross arms of a bed frame together.

Clamp-style assembly allows for easy width adjustment. Assembly may require measuring to get the right width for your box spring. This type of bed frame will often accommodate odd-sized bedding.

Hollywood Bed Frame

Hollywood is a brand name of bed frame. Hollywood Bed Frame Company started producing metal angle-iron bed frames in 1925. Much like the brand name Kleenex is synonymous with facial tissue, many people came to associate angle-iron bed frames with Hollywood Bed Frame Company, simply referring to a metal bed frame as a Hollywood Bed Frame or Hollywood Frame. If someone told you to buy a “hollywood” bed frame to work with your headboard, you could order one of our metal bed frames.

Hook-On or Hook-In Bed Rails

The phrase “hook-on” refers to the manner in which the rails attach to your headboard and footboard. Hook-on bed rails have “hooks” on the end of the rails that slide into the headboard and footboard and usually slip down to lock in place.

Hook-On Headboard and Footboard

A “hook-on” headboard or footboard has slots or holes in which to insert “hook-on” bed rails. See definition for “hook-on bed rails” above.

Key Lock Assembly

Key lock or key slot assembly means that there are a series of pre-positioned holes drilled into the cross arms of a bed frame that allow for easy assembly with no measuring. See a bed frame cross arm with key lock assembly.

Because a bed frame with a key lock assembly has standard pre-drilled holes, it will only accommodate standard size bedding. This type of bed frame will not accommodate odd-sized bedding.

Low Profile Bed Frames

A low profile bed frame is a bed frame that is lower than normal metal bed frames. The height of a standard metal bed frame is 7 – 7.5 inches. Low profile bed frames are usually 4 or 5 inches tall.

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